What is Veganism?

Veganism is about not using animal products, or any items where an animal has been exploited. This not only included the foods eaten but also other items such as clothing, make up and cleaning products. It’s a conscious decision to live a life that is free from animal exploitation and cruelty.

Why are you vegan?

All of us at Fluffy Butts Rescue are vegan because we believe that every animal deserves a life filled will love and compassion. We do not believe that any animals deserves to be abused, exploited or slaughtered for us. We find that it is easy to live a compassionate vegan lifestyle. Β There are also lots of other benefits about being vegan including the environmental impact and also health benefits. Β We have found that our vegan beliefs fit in well with running a rescue.

We are always happy to offer any advice and support to anyone thinking interested in veganism.

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