Indoor Set Ups

As guinea pigs are not good at regulating their body temperatures, it can often be best for them to be in doors. However, often store brough cages are very small and impractical.

If you’re thinking of keeping indoor guinea pigs, C&C cages can be a great solution as they provide flexibility, are relatively low cost and easy to make. There are other cages that are larger that can be suitable such as the Ferplast 160, Ferplast rabbit 140.


· Safe from the weather (especially the cold) as well as predators

· Piggies are likely to be more confident around you

· Get to spend more time with them

· More likely to spot health concerns

Outdoor set ups

It can often be easier to find a large hutch , however be aware that often pet store brought ones can be poorly made so it can be worth the money investing in a well-built set up.

Double level hutches are not ideal for guinea pig- as piggies are often not great with ramps and they can easily fall an injure themselves. A lot of people find that their piggies will only end up using one level too- though we do know that some piggies can be great jumpers and climbers.

If you use a hutch it is important to try place it inside a shed or building with natural daylight to help keep them warm in the winter and safe from predators. Wendy houses and sheds can also make great homes for piggies, especially of you have a small heard.