Guinea Pig Diet

Guinea Pigs are herbivores which means they only eat plants. Guinea pigs also need constant access to food.

A guinea pig diet should be made up of:

o 80% hay – they should have constant access of hay.

o 5% good quality pellets (not the muesli style as this is the equivalent of us eating sweets for meals)

o 15% fresh veggies (roughly a cup per day)

Vitamin C

Guinea pigs cannot produce Vitamin C and require around 10-30mg per day.

It is important to provide your guinea pig foods that contain Vitamin C- this can be with fortified pellets and ensuring their daily vegetables are rich in Vitamin C.


Piggies need calcium in their diet as this is important for keeping their teeth and bones healthy, however it is important to note too much calcium can cause bladder stones. If you notice any white deposits in your piggies urine, it may be having too much calcium.

Food more information about which veggies and fruits are safe for piggies please check out the following link


Guinea Pigs poop approximately 200-300 per day! That’s a lot of poops! This means that they need cleaning out regularly, guinea pigs that are left on soiled and wet flooring can develop bramble floor. Your piggies poops should be hard and long in consistency and if they appear different we advise you contact your vet.