Fluffy Butts Rescue started at the start of 2020, after discussing and planning for a long time.

We are a vegan rescue that is ran by three close friends with various experience of looking after animals. We saw that locally there was a need for a rescue and rehoming service for smaller animals, especially rabbits.

The animals we rescue often have been neglected or are no longer receiving the care that the deserve. We try to rehome and rehabilitate animals where possible, and those that have additional needs stay with us for life. Any rabbit that is rehomed is always neutered and vaccinated before going to their forever home. Although we ask for a donation for animals that are rehomed, this does not cover the costs of vaccinations, neutering and any other medical bills. This means we rely on donations to help us continue recusing animals.
As well as providing forever homes and a rehoming service we are also involved with helping with animal hoarding cases, whether this is by transporting animals to fosterers or other rescues or providing space at our rescue. Working together with other rescues is important to help make a difference to animals lives.
We currently have around 40 animals in our care including ex-battery chickens, pigs, rabbits and guinea pigs. Our rescue mainly has rabbits due to them being the most neglected pet and often being used in the fur and meat industry. We hope that over time we can expand and take in more animals.