Keeping rabbits and guinea pigs in small hutches dates back to the Victorian era, when they were kept in confined spaces and ‘fattened up’ either for eating of for their fur.

Therefore this is a totally outdated practice and a hutch is absolutely not enough for rabbits to live in. They require lots of space to exhibit natural behaviour.

As members of the Rabbit welfare association and fund (RWAF) and therefore adhere to their guidelines for housing.

Our minimum requirements for housing for standard sized pair of rabbits if 60 square foot, or 10ft x 6ft x 2 ft, which equates to:

– 6ft x 2ft x 2ft hutch, attached permanently to an 8ft x 6ft run.

· 10ftx6ft aviary, with hides, tunnels or a hutch left open within it.

· 6x4ft shed attached to run/aviary.

There are lots of housing options for bunnies, from playhouses and wendy houses, to sheds and aviaries. Please see the following websites for lots of ideas.

Indoor bunnies of course also require the same amount of space. Again please see the above website for some great indoor set up ideas.